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PEMF for Shingles Pain - Testimonial
This is a testimonial from a gentleman that has suffered from Shingles since May of 2015. He has had a total of 5 PEMF treatments now and feels he will finally have a normal life again. He felt tremendous relief after his first treatment.
"In May 2015 I contacted a case of Shingles. The pain was terrible. The doctors prescribed pain killers for the pain. They helped very little. The pain lasted over 1 1/2 years. In October of 2016 I heard of Shirley's Magnetic Pulse Treatments. After 4 sessions my pain was 85% gone. WOW. I could start wearing a shirt all day and it gave me my life back. I would highly recommend this treatment for nerve pain. Thanks Shirley. "
Frank Smith

 in Alberta, Canada  Healing Fields Pulsed Therapy Wonderful testimonial for PULSE Certified PEMF, Practitioner, Shirley Mazeppa of PEMF Therapy! 

You haven't tried EVERYTHING until you have tried Healthy Cells PEMF Therapy!
"Well, you have turned this horse owner into a blubbering mess. Thank you, thank you, thank you for for making my boy comfortable again. I've spent the last 10 months exhausting my options to try and help him, with each one failing to help. The most I could hope for was a few weeks of comfort. I saw my last option as having him nerved.
​Now, with three treatments and only one treatment of his feet, he's bearing full weight on both front legs and is feeling so good we've had some bronc rides around the ring."  

J. Olson

Former NHL Hockey Player describes how PEMF Therapy solved his back pain and problems and gave him his life back...

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